Gasifiers Project

Energy is a big requirement of the industry and its cost is increasing day by day. Now, we are offering a solution to reduce energy cost in the shape of Producer gas. In this process solid Coal/ biomass get converted into clean combustible gas (Producer Gas) by means of a process known as thermal gasification Considering the requirement of industry for huge amount of energy.

We are offering coal gasifiers and this technology is once again fullfilling the requirement of the industries due to following advantages, being
Economical Affordable & Eco friendly.

Coal gasification converts coal into Producer Gas, which is a clean combustible gaseous fuel. This gas can substitute any petroleum derived fuel, such as, furnace oil (FO), light diesel oil (LDO), high speed diesel (HSD) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Thus, by converting into gas, coal can substitute the petroleum derived fuels and at much lesser cost.

The gasification of solid fuel is accomplished in air sealed, closed chamber known as Gasifier under slight suction or pressure relative to ambient pressure.

About Gasifer:

The Gasifier is essentially a reactor, where various complex physical & chemical processes take place like Drying, Heating, Pyrolysing, Particle Oxidation & finally Reduction as it flows through it.

The payback period of a gasifier installation is usually less than 12 months. To substitute oil / LPG used in any equipment, a gasifier of appropriate capacity is installed in the same premises and a gas pipeline is laid from the gasifier to the utilization equipment. Preferably, the gasifier should be installed as close to the utilization equipment as possible. The producer gas is not stored. Its generation is matched to the consumption.

Salient Features of Gasifier :

Typical payback is within 12 months

Fully Automated Gasification system & Burners

Very low maintenance, no operative risk, easy to operate

Compact Foot Print

Multi Fuel systems

Dry Gas System

Zero Tar/ Effluent system

Highest Overall Efficiency

Cost Comparison with Diesel

The study is based on following assumption of fuel consumptions: (Existing Consumption of Diesel / day :1000 Litters)

Cost Comparison of Producer Gas with Diesel

Sr. Description Unit of Measure Value
1 HSD Consumption/ Day Liters 1000
2 HSD Consumption/ Day @average density of 0.84 Kg 840
3 Average GCV of HSD Kcal/Kg 9345
4 GCV Required/Day Kcal 7849800
5 HSD expenses/ Day @Rs. 60/ Lts Rs. 60000
6 HSD expenses/ Month @ Rs. 60/ Lts Rs. 1800000
7 GCV Coal (Indonesian) Kcal/Kg 4600
8 Coal Required/ day @ 85% efficiency Kg 2000
9 Coal expenses/ Day @ Rs. 9/ Kg Rs. 18000
10 Coal expenses/ month @ Rs. 9/ Kg Rs. 540000
11 Power Expenses/ day - 12 KW @ Rs 7 / Unit Rs. 2000
12 Power Expenses/ Month - 12 KW @ Rs 7 / Unit Rs. 60000
13 Water Expenses/ Month Rs. 45000
14 Spares etc per month Rs. 10000
15 Labour Charges per Month (3 Skilled and 3 Unskilled) Rs. 75000
16 Saving per Month Rs. 1050000
17 Saving per Annum Rs. 12600000
18 Installation Cost Rs. 7000000
19 Modifications in Existing system Rs. 1000000
20 Total capital investment Rs. 8000000
21 Payback Period Month 8